WCSGA Sept 19 General Membership Meeting/Lunch

Match Play Winners: (Jim Johnson)
First - Tony Sanchez,
Second Wayne Suttle
Third (semifinalists) Tim Tillery, Dennis Morrow
Fourth (quarter finalists) Bruce Allen, Jack Kemp, Jim Ferrell, and Jack Kock
(Plan to continue next year, not mandatory individual tournament will still be available)
A permanent plaque will be put in the clubhouse honoring Tony Sanchez and all future winners.

Treasurers report, (Robert Schoppe)
Reported that the league is solvent. We have 153 members, 36 were added in 2018, and 29 added in 2019.

Appreciation (Jim Johnson)
Appreciation gifts were presented to 1. Wayne Suttle, Par 3 and hole in one chairman; 2. Merritt Felmley, Handicap chairman; and 3. Kevin McCasland, Website Manager

New officers (election) (Jim Johnson)
President, Bob Loeb (from secretary)
Vice President / Tournament Director, Joe Cline
Treasurer, Robert Shoppe (second year)
Secretary, John Leal

Officers retiring: David Fields, John Carrick, Sig Thorlakson

Club tournament (Matt Sipko) winners of two day (double payout from club funds) check will be mailed
Flight one: Bob Dunshee
Flight two: Tim Tillery
Flight three: Darrell Sanders
Medalist, Low Gross Scott Munse
The Low Gross player will have his name on a perpetual plaque that is maintained in the Watters Creek clubhouse

Course mgt. Matt Sipko, software capabilities, and introduced Matt Lassen as new tournament coordinator,


New Business? (Jim) There was no new business


Close Meeting: (Jim)