To provide all members with an enjoyable tournament experience, WCSGA provides the opportunity to play from three different tee boxes – White, Gold and Red.  This option will let the member decide the level of difficulty he may want to play.  After establishing a handicap, the member will be given one opportunity per year to change Tee Boxes, which will be approved by the Vice President/Tournament Director.  For example, should a member, who plays from the White Tees, decide he wants to play from the Gold Tees, he will request such change from the WCSGA VP. 

Section 3.5 of the USGA Handicap System Manual provides guidance for tournaments where players compete from different tees.  Based on these guidelines, we will adjust your handicap based on the slope and rating of the course.  If you choose to move then your handicap will adjust as follows:

·         Move from White Tee to Gold Tee, your handicap will reduce by 2 strokes.

·         Move from the Gold Tee to Red Tee, your handicap will reduce by 3 strokes

·         Move from the White Tees to the Red Tees, your handicap will reduce by 5 strokes.

WCSGA handicaps will continue to be calculated based on the member’s gross score and tee box played.

All Callaway players will play from the White Tees until their handicap is established.  Should the member decide to change tees, he will request the change from the VP/Tournament Director. 

For the Closest to the Pin competition, on the par threes, the White and Gold Tees will be placed at the same yardage.  Red Tee players will currently not participate in CTP.

There will be two HIO sign-up sheets: one for the White and Gold Tee players and one for the Red Tee players. Money paid into the “Hole In One” contest will be held in two bank sub-accounts -- one for the White and Gold Tee players and one for the Red Tee players.  The amount of money in each sub-account will be posted on the WCSGA website. 

The option of which set of tees you play is up to each member.  If you have any questions, please see one of the WCSGA Officers.  .