History of WCSGA/COSGA Meeting Minutes


WCSGA Board Meeting
June 7, 2018


Officers/Board members  present:   Jim Johnson,  Rob Schoppe, Bob Loeb, Ben Matula, Merritt Felmly, and Matt Sipko

Three topics were discussed:

1.       Ben Matula led the discussion on a possible transition of the current website to  one that would be included under the current Watters Creek Golf Club web site and monitored by the course.  It was decided to keep the current website active this next year but keeping the option open to move to one monitored and run by Watters Creek personnel as a possibility sometime in the future.  Ben will update the current Senior Association web page that is currently displayed within the Watters Creek website.  Along with the updates, a membership application will be displayed on the page.  Ben will continue to keep the WCSGA website up dated and active.

2.       Since there has been no participation this year and last in the “Red Tee Hole in One” contest, it was decided to eliminate the contest.  The $200 that was put in the fund by the Association initially will be put back in to the treasury.  The remaining $22 will be added to the other Hole in One fund for white and gold tees.

3.       Matt Sipko will check with the key management of the course to see if the Senior Group can be allowed to drive on the fairway of hole #6.  It was pointed out that at one time it was approved by the course.  Matt will get back with an answer.



WCSGA Membership Meeting

March 15, 2018


- President Jim Johnson opened the meeting at 1:40 thanking the members for being at the Luncheon Meeting. 

- He gave the floor to David Fields who asked for volunteers for an April 7& 8 AJGA tournament that would be held at Watters Creek.  Matt Sipko offered a free round of golf for all volunteers along with a free AJGA cap.  David will have a table set up both days in the clubhouse to register.

- Jim Johnson handed out appreciation acknowledgements to.Matt Sipko, (work on the new tournament registration systems), Wayne Suttle (handling the HIO and CTP programs, and Ben Matula (upkeep of the website)

-.Bob Loeb discussed the updating of the WCSGA Bylaws, Why they were needed and examples of the changes.  The bylaw draft was posted on the Website February 3 and announced to the membership at that time.  Bruce Horowitz made a motion that the bylaws be approved, seconded by Doug Otto.  The motion carried almost unanimously.  .

- Rob Schoppe gave the treasurers report announcing the there was roughly a $6,300 balance to  start fiscal 2018.

- Rob then explained the change to the Championship Tournament that requires a minimum of 5 rounds in qualify each year.

            - Rob explained the Guest Member policy to the members

- Rob then reviewed the Closest to the Pin Contest and the importance of signing up under the right handicap number.  If a player signs up under the wrong handicap, he is disqualified for the contest and that hole is negated from the contest for that handicap number.

- Matt Sipko will clarify the handicap numbers for each of the two contests for future tournaments.


- Matt reminded everyone that this will be the first month that we will have a third tournament


- The Meeting was adjourned at 1:50 pm. 


Note- 59 members signed up to play today, there were 6 no-shows, @ 44 showed up for the lunch







WCSGA Membership Meeting

March 15th, 2017

Note –

The Minutes of the March 15th Membership Meeting are posted in the Main Links Section

and will remain there until the next Membership Meeting.



Meeting Minutes

General Membership Meeting

October 19, 2017


President Fields opened the meeting by thanking all of the members for being at the meeting.


The winners from the Club Championship, Rick Gilbert, Rob Ogle, Dennis Daugherty and Doug Otto were recognized.


The last meeting notes from the May 4th meeting were read by Secretary Sig Thorlakson and approved.


The candidates for the 2018-2019 season were presented;

President------- Jim Johnson

Secretary------- Bob Loeb

Treasurer------- Rob Schoppe

They were all approved


A vote was taken on our event schedule for next year.

* Every Thursday--------33 opposed 9 yes

*As Is----------------------- 2 for the rest against

*First-Third-Fifth Thursday--- Majority approved


Procedures for Tournaments

WCSGA Responsibilities


.Register members and notify WC.

*Maintain WCSGA Website

*Collect Member annual dues

*Run CTP and Hole in One games

*Review Tournament Pairings

*Determine Course setup

*Set Schedule

*Determine Prize Fund and Payouts


Watters Creek Responsibilities

*Register members for tournaments by phone or internet

*Prepare Tournament Pairings

*Stage Carts prepare score cards, and Proxmity Pins

*Set up course per Tournament Directors Instructions

*Collect Green Fee`s and Tournament Fee`s

*Check Scores and Post Scores to determine winners

*Maintain Player Credit Balance

*Member Credit to be used in Pro Shop

Present Balances to be paid out by check and frozen in place. New balances will be for the course when we start the 2018 season


A Motion was made to approve all the changes by Manny Castro and seconded by Sig Thorlakson.  THE MOTION WAS APPROVED.



A Motion was made and seconded to adjourn and the meeting was adjourned at 1:55 pm




Sig THorlakson



WCSGA Membership Meeting

May 18, 2017


- President David Fields opened the meeting by thanking all the member for being at the Luncheon Meeting.

- A motion was made and seconded by John Carrick to have our Tournaments every Thursday.  The vote was 12 yes and 15 no.  One member asked if when we have 3 Thursdays in a Month, if we could not have Three Tournaments.

- President Fields told the membership we will need a new President, Secretary and Treasurer for next year.  He stressed that they are volunteer positions and all members should consider volunteering.  At our October meeting we will b voting for our new Board Members.

- A member of the course Management came in and addressed the Membership.  He stated that they would like our group to play every Thursday and that our starting time would be one half hour after sunrise or 7:30 during the summer.

- A motion was made and seconded by Jack Cooper to play every Thursday.  The vote was 15 yes and 10 no.


- It is now the Board’s obligation to schedule additional Tournament and evaluate the turnout.


- A  motion was made by John Carrick to adjourn and seconded by Jack Cooper.


- The Meeting was adjourned at 12:55 pm. 



WCSGA Membership Meeting

September 15, 2016

- President Dave Fields opened the meeting by welcoming everyone to the annual Golf Championship Tournament. Weather was good and hopefully your golf was good.

- President Fields asked the Members to vote on whether to double the pot for the Tournament. Ben Matula explained that we had a surplus of $4,000 in the treasury. The Members voted unanimously to double the pot.

- President Fields asked the members whether they would like to play EldoradoCC for $25.00. Quite a few raised their hands so we would contact them after we had the information. As it turned out, after making a call, the invitation was put off until later this year.

- President  Fields thanked Ron Nash for his dedication the last few years as the Tournament Director and introduced Bob Schoppe who is taking Ron`s position as Tournament Director.

- President Fields asked the Membership for a volunteer to be Club Treasurer. Please contact him if you have a candidate.

- President Fields asked the Membership for a motion to close the meeting.  It was seconded and approved.




WCSGA Board Meeting

December 3, 2015



John Carrick, Treasurer                              Merritt Felmly, Handicap Manager           

David Fields, President-Elect                    David Harbin, President                

Phil Holliday, Secretary                              Ben Matula, Website Manager

Ron Nash, V-P/Tournament Director       Carl Popoff, Board Member          

Sig Thorlakson, Secretary-Elect


Topics Discussed:

2016 Schedule

o   Ron & Ben will revise schedule after reviewing Solar Timetables for optimum playing times.

o   WCSGA Championship Tournament will be played on Tuesday & Thursday in accordance with membership preference.


o   Site is getting used frequently based on number of hits.

o   Need a permanent backup for Ben.  John Carrick has volunteered to be temporary backup.


·         Need a coordinator or Assistant Tournament Director to be responsible for CTP.  David Fields will send an email asking for help.


·         Contact members to see why they are not playing regularly.  David Fields will contact players.

·         Raise Green Fees by $ 3 which will include range balls and a small fountain drink/beer.  This is our recommendation, but not approved by WC.

·         Shuttle service will pick players up at the bottom of stairs.  Range open for 45 min prior to play.

·         Vary players within a group by flight.

·         Hole # 6 – 90* degrees, weather permitting.  Superintendent approval needed.    

·         Course yardage – Ron, Ben, & Carl will survey course for possible yardage adjustments.  They will give recommendations on Dec 17th.

·         December 17th Tournament – David Harbin, David Fields & Jeff Holt agreed today to use the Traditions (1-9 holes) & 9 Hole course/s for our 12-17-15 tournament.


Course Conditions – Brad Burroughs, Superintendent/Watters Creek

·         Back Nine Holes suffered most damage.

·         Holes # 16 & 17 will have temporary greens.  Rebuild greens in April/May, open for play in July.

·         Ongoing process to repair course especially since we are now in dormant stage.





Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

 October 15, 2015; 1:00 pm

Present: Approx... 50 members.

Present: Officers: 

            David Harbin, President                 Ron Nash, V-P/Tournament Director      

John Carrick, Treasurer                  Merritt Felmley, Handicap 

Phil Holliday, Secretary

·         Recognition of Championship Winners

The President recognized Anthony Sanchez (1st flight), Bob Randall (2nd flight), and

Jerry Knippa & Ed Hayes (3rd flight).

Jimmy Stewart was the Low Gross Champion.

·         Treasurer’s report.

Presented by John Carrick. As of October 15, 2015 WCSGA funds were approximately $4,500.

·         Election of Officers

The terms of the following positions end on December 31, 2015:

President: David Fields was nominated to the office effective January 1, 2016, to serve for 2 years.

Secretary: Sig Thorlakson was nominated to the office effective January 1, 2016, to serve for 2 years.

These nominations were approved unanimously by the membership.

·         Other business

There was a brief discussion about what days members would prefer to play next year’s Championship tournament.  A survey will be sent by Phil Holliday today and data tabulated by Ron Nash.  Ron will let membership know results.

There was no further business and the meeting was closed by the President.

Minutes approved

David Harbin: President                                                     Phil Holliday: Secretary






Minutes of Annual General Meeting

October 24, 2013; 1:00 PM

Minutes of the Annual  General  Meeting held on October 24, 2013, at 1.00pm

Present: approx.. 50 members.

Present: Officers: 

            Gary Hammer, President

John Carrick, Treasurer

            Merritt Felmley, Handicap 

Recognition of Championship Winners

The President recognized Ford Griffith (1st flight), Phil Holliday (2nd flight) and Merritt Felmley (3rd flight).

Jimmy Stewart was the Low Gross Champion.

Treasurer’s report.

Presented by John Carrick. As of October 24, 2013 WCSGA funds were  approximately $3,500..

Election of Officers

The terms of the following positions end on December 31, 2013:

President: David Harbin was nominated to the office effective January 1, 2014, to serve for 2 years.

Secretary: Phillip Holiday was nominated to the office effective January 1, 2014, to serve for 2 years.

These nominations were approved unanimously by the membership.

Tournament Director: this position required to be filled for the remainder of the term, ending December 31, 2013. Ron Nash was nominated to fill this position and was approved unanimously by the membership.

Other business

There was a brief discussion about playing more team games and the possible format. More discussion was needed.

There was no further business and the meeting was closed by the President.

Minutes approved

Gary Hammer: President                                                    John Carrick: Treasurer




General Membership Meeting Minutes

November 20, 2008


The initial Chase Oaks Senior Golf Association (COSGA) meeting was brought to order by Norm Feddersen at 2:00 PM on November 20, 2008.  There were approximately 45 members in attendance.

Norm reported that the Association has grown rapidly and that in just a few months we now have 101 members as well as strong participation at our tournaments.

Treasurer’s Report

Gary Going presented the Treasurer’ Report.   We have 101 members that accounted for an income of $935.  COSGA had expenses totaling $626 leaving a surplus for the year of just over $300.  The key expenses were $197 for the one-time purchase of our handicap system software.  We spent $51 for the COSGA.org website domain name and webhosting along with $50 for webpage editing software.  The meal for our meeting was $328.

Forty seven (47) members have renewed their 2009 dues for an income of $705 which brings our current operating balance to $1,014.

We have taken in $1,920 in prize monies and have paid out $839 leaving a balance of $1,081 owed to members. 

We have a total of $138.50 in the Hole-in One Pot.

By-Laws Vote and Approval

The interim By-Laws have been posted on the website for several weeks and need approval.  The motion was made and seconded and the By-Laws were approved by unanimous vote.

Officer Elections

Norm pointed out that we’ve been operating with “interim” officers and that we would now officially elect officers.   He introduced the following:

Norm Fedderson; President

Neldon Miffleton; Vice President

Gary Going; Treasurer

Ben Matula; Secretary


Several of our officials have been involved on an “appointed” basis.  Norm introduced those members as follow:

Carl Popoff; Board Member-at-Large

Jim Roe; Board Member-at-Large

Jerry Mahan; Handicap Chairman

Larry Penner: Website Manager

Following the introduction, Norm suggested that the interim officers be elected by acclimation.  The motion was made and seconded and the vote passed with no member dissenting.


General Discussion


Norm then paid tribute to several key members that were instrumental in getting COSGA started.  He thanked Carl Popoff who generated the idea and did some of the exploratory work on the Association.  Norm also recognized Jerry Mahan, Bob Wagner, Jim Roe, Tom Lavin and Bob Stoiber for their contributions on getting COSGA organized and operational.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:40.




Norm Fedderson                                                         Ben Matula

President                                                            Secretary