Watters Creek Senior Golf Association (WCSGA)


Hole in One Policy


January 1, 2018


The Hole In One (HIO) policy, described below, was discussed and approved at a membership meeting and remains in effect.   Funds collected at the Side Games table will be deposited in the WCSGA bank account by the Treasurer.   The Treasurer will make payout by check.    


1.   Only funds collected for the HIO fund will be paid out.  No General Funds will be used.

2.   The fee per member per tournament will be $1.00.

3.   Only WCSGA members in good standing can enter the HIO competition. All participants must sign the HIO entry sheet before play starts.

4.   The HIO payout (prize) per tournament will be 50% of the HIO fund balance until the HIO fund reaches $2,000, at which point the maximum payout per tournament will be $1,000.

5.   There is no guaranteed payout amount.  Multiple HIOs occurring on the same day, in the same tournament, will equally share the HIO payout for that tournament day.