WCSGA 2020 Officers and Responsibilities

President:  Bob Loeb -  214-212-1197;  blloeb@aol.com

·         Oversees the overall WCSGA Organization

·         Interfaces with the Watters Creek Pro Shop Management

·         Calls and presides over periodic meetings of the Board of Directors to review and discuss matters requiring Board attention and resolution

·         Presides over all General Membership Meetings

·         Assigns special projects to appropriate Officers and/or Board Members, and other volunteers.

·         Is an Ex Officio Member of all Committees within the WCSGA Organization

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Vice President/Tournament Director: Joe Cline- 469-712-8337; clinejoe90@yahoo com           


·         Manages all Tournaments of WCSGA and resolves all Tournament Rules and Issues

·         Works closely with the Watters Creek Management to have smooth running Tournaments

·         Provide the  HIO retrieval notices notices to responsible players for each tournament.

·         Establishes Committees to assist in assigned duties

·         Interfaces with the other Officers and Board Members

·         When appropriate, takes on Special Projects assigned by the President

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Secretary: John Leal – 214-641-2498; johnlealwcga@gmail.com

·         Sends Notices to Members on routine and as-required basis

·         Records Minutes of all Formal WCSGA Meetings

·         Maintains a Contact Roster (e-mail, phone and addresses) of all members

·         Maintains Backup Data for Handicap and Website Systems

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Treasurer: Robert Schoppe - 469-408-2339;  rcschoppe@icloud.com

·         Is the Chief Financial Officer of WCSGA

·         Manages all Funds for WCSGA, i.e. Prize Fund and other Monies in the WCSGA Treasury

·         Receives all new Applications and provides Roster Information to the Handicap Chairman and the Secretary

·         Distributes Financial Information to Officers and Board Members

·         Prepares and Presents Financial Report to the Membership at the General Membership Meeting

·         Update plaques after Championship and Match Play Tournaments.

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Handicap Chairman;  Roy Williams- 214-587-7011;  roywilliams59@gmail.com


·         Maintains the WCSGA Handicap System to assure Handicap Integrity

·         Distributes Handicap Information to the Officers and the appropriate staff

·         Distributes Handicap Information to the Web Manager for posting to the Website

·         Works closely with the Treasurer and the President

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Website Manager: Kevin McCasland – 817-739-4966; kevin.wcsga@gmail.com


·         Maintains the WCSGA Website

·         Maintains HTML Editor and Webhosting Software and Licenses

·         Updates the Website and Posts Updates at the request of other WCSGA Officers

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Board Members:          John Carrick - 972-930-0784;  jfc007x@gmail.com  

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Jim Johnson– 214-450-6850;  jrj2222@aol.com

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·         Provide support, advice and assistance to WCSGA Officers in the organization’s objective of providing a great, fair and enjoyable golfing experience for all members.