Watters Creek Senior Golf Association

Board Meeting


January 30, 2020




The meeting began at approximately 10.00 am




Bob Loeb – President

John Carrick   Board member

Robert Schoppe – Treasurer

Joe Cline–Tournament Director

Roy Williams – Handicap Chairman


Matt Sipko – Watters Creek representative


Apologies: John Leal-(Secretary)

Kevin McCausland- (Website)


1. New handicap system


Roy Williams noted “The Tee Sheets and Score cards will now show every ones handicap two strokes lower due to the different calculations in the handicap system. The WHS (World Handicap System) calculates your handicap against par using your 8 lowest scores out of 20. The old calculation used 10 lowest scores out of 20 and used the slope of the course to calculate your handicap. The website will only show everyone's handicap index and will not show the actual handicap in the future. The tee sheets and score card will show your actual handicap when you play.”


Members to be advised by ???


2.  Revised local rule re ponds on Holes 2, 7,12 and 18.


Agreed that we would:

Define the margin of the penalty area for the ponds on the left of the fairway on holes 2, 7, 12 and 18 as being the point where the slope going down to the water begins. Players deciding to drop out of the penalty area can take two club-lengths from the point of entry into the penalty area, as defined above, with a further club-length for the general WCSGA relief rule, no nearer the hole. If the player decides to play out of the penalty area, the ball cannot be moved.


Final wording to be agreed. This change needs to be communicated to the members by (Bob Loeb???)


3. Matchplay


This was scheduled for 3/19/20. Entry cut-off will be 3/5/20. WCSGA will collect and payout the $10 prize fee.


There will be a separate regular tournament on 3/19 for those not participating in the match-play tournament.


Robert Schoppe would draft a notice for the members.


At this point Matt Sipko left the meeting.



4. 2021 dues


Robert Schoppe presented a summary of the WCSGA financial position. It is likely that 2020 expenses will exceed 2020 income, the excess being covered by surplus cash. Robert recommended an increase in 2021 dues. There was some discussion about the options and the best option was eliminating the “early renewal” discount of $5 and making the dues $20 for the year, with a pro-rata reduction of $5 per quarter for new members.


John Carrick noted that this change would require approval by the members.


The meeting adjourned at approximately 11 am.



Watters Creek Senior Golf Association

Board Meeting


November 16, 2020




  1. Match play still in progress.  One of the players was injured.   Rob will pay out the other placements.   Match just needs to be played before next match play starts.
  2. Also discussion about the ball not dropping in with use of the plastic rings.  The USGA has a ruling and Matt will find for John to send to membership.  The flag can also be pulled. 
  3. Website was reviewed and mainly the application for membership needed to be changed.  Kevin is going to work on a clickable form that will send the entry to Rob or whomever does that position.

Kevin is going to change the schedule to be a google Calendar.   Past champions will also be posted to the website.  Golf Genius can also contain the schedule and be made public.  

  1. Roy reviewed the cost of the new Golf software at $900.00 per year if paid up front.   It was agreed that was too expensive for the membership.
  2. Discussion from Jeff on changing the handicap cutoff for CTP based on lopsided entry in the lower level.  Analysis indicates a setting of 0-11 and 12 and up will be a better split.   This will be set for this week.   
  3. John L reviewed the initial draft of schedule and additional 2 man team events will be added.  Along with members  playing individual  during these events if they choose not to participate.    Start type will be TBD instead of staggered.   If we move tees,  like par 5’s from Gold,   then scores will not count.

John will update schedule and send for review.